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Ghosted Spirit Board and Planchette: Have you ever been Ghosted?

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Have you ever been Ghosted???

Consult the spirit board to obtain the answers you seek.

Conjure up the spirits of the ones who ghosted you.

Why did they vanish without a trace? Where are they now, and will they ever text you back?

Do you feel powerless after being given the silent treatment?

How to communicate with the spirit of the ones who ghosted you…

Warning! Never try to contact the dead using Ghosted. Ghosted is intended to coax out the living ghosters who vanished without a trace.

  1. First, gather a few friends; it is time to communicate with the ghosters who ghosted you. 
  2. Set the mood by cleansing the space, lighting candles, and dimming the lights.
  3. So everyone can see the board and reach it, gather around a table or take a seat on the floor.
  4. Select one person to ask all the questions so as not to confuse, overwhelm, or spook the ghosters.
  5. Place your fingers on the planchette, and have it resting just above the letter ‘G’ to start. Ask each participant to; lightly press the planchette with their middle and index fingers. Rotate the planchette slowly to give the board time to warm up and focus on your questions.
  6. Gently relax the fingers to allow the planchette to move freely; while you summon the ghosters who disappeared without warning and never texted you back.
  7. Reassure the ghosters that you are friendly and that only positive energy is welcome.
  8. Start with simple questions such as; How many ghosters are in the room? Are you a good ghoster wanting to make amends? What is your name? How come you disappeared?
  9. Be patient while the spirit board tries to connect with the ghosters. So DO NOT GIVE UP!
  10. Be the bigger person and always say goodbye to the ghosters by gently moving the planchette over to the ‘GOODBYE’ symbol on the board.

 It's like an Ouija Board but not...



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